Inspired by the Prophet (pbhu) Symposium

Whether you’re enthusiastic about community service, or by the idea of pondering over the Quranic gems, or by the thought of inviting people to Islam, ICNA-NJ has opportunities in all areas of Islamic activism. We live to serve, by the Grace of Almighty God

Calling all volunteers

ICNA-NJ has opportunities in Dawah, Social Justice, Social Service, Education, Youth mentor-ship and much more. Learn more below or reach out to us to connect and volunteer

What Our Volunteers Say

I am a Marketing professional, and WhyIslam enabled me to combine my my passion for the Deen, and my talents in Marketing in the Marketing department

Salman Ali Hai (Leader), MCPC

Are you a leader? Join ICNA-NJ and you will motivate, encourage, inspire, develop and produce leaders like yourself, in the service our Rabb, inshaAllah.

Shehla Sharif (Visionary), Masjid Al-Hasan

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We enable, we facilitate, we empower, we encourage, so what are you waiting for?