Level 1

  • The program is based on the book “Al-Arabya Bayna yadaik”
  • The level 1 has two sets of books
  • This Level focuses on a basic conversation in “Classical Arabic”.
  • It teaches students on sentence formation.
  • Understanding how to use Verbs, Nouns, and adverbs in a sentence in both spoken and written forms.
  • We will also be focussing on other reading materials like 80% of the words in the quran and qasas ul anbiya but they will be supplemental.
Level 2
  • Level 2 has two sets of books
  • This level deals with Islamic history and addresses social issues in societies hence enabling the student to understand and speak Classical Arabic on a higher level
  • During Level 2 Al Ajourmiyyah will be taught. This grammar text is extensively taught in the Arab world for serious students of knowledge
  • The students will be asked to read basic level Tafseer books without vowels.
Register Now

All classes will be on zoom and recordings will be available for all students. The course will be interactive in Sha Allah and the students will be asked to speak in Arabic from level 1

Duration of the program

Levels 1 & 2 should take about a year.

Results from the course

Success is from Allah subhana wa ta’ala so start the program with sincerity and results may vary from student to student depending on the time he/she put in during the course A good student in Sha Allah should be able to reach an intermediate level of Arabic with both spoken and written. He/She shall be able to understand a lot of the Quran within the two levels