On 11/6/2023, ICNA launched multiple billboards in NJ and other states calling for a Ceasefire in Gaza.

It is time for the United States to stand against Israel for its violations of human rights, and international law. It is time to hold Israel accountable for its violence and oppression, which has brought the region to such points of unrest. Raising your voice for the Palestinian people is an incredibly impactful way to make a difference. Israel’s misinformation campaign has largely been successful in ensuring that the voices of the oppressed are drowned out.

Click here to contact your representative in Congress and urge them to sign on to the Ceasefire Now Resolution (HR 786). It only takes a minute and it important that all concerned citizens speak out against these atrocities.

As always, keep the people of Palestine in your duas, and pray for their safety, that the oppressors be exposed and held accountable, and that the Palestinian people are freed, and that Al Aqsa is liberated.

Donate below to support us. Contact us if you would like to host a similar billboard on a highway in your state or city.