What are our responsibilities in the face of injustice?

By Rufaida Hossain
An-Noor Academy
(Topic: Racial injustice in society and your civic responsibility)

Society has far seen past the gruesome, jagged lines of humanity, and peered out into the window of greed, and superiority, as people begin slowly striding to the blindness of differentiating between colors,races, and ethnicities. The bind that holds humanity together has so far disappeared in the distance, the distance that some still are unable to see. The distance between races, races that once stood in one row breathing, striving, and coexisting with peace and undeniable bonds of brotherhood. What happened to our humanity? Today, in society we are faced with thousands of issues ranging from identity crises, to arguments on simple laws that dictate freedom of speech. But the ashes of racial injustices always swindle around, drifting in the wind, years after the fire. Each ash,ignited with a sense of fatal superiority that brings down more than one body as it spreads. Solutions are found by analyzing the problem and figuring out where it started, only then can the issue be tackled and overcomed.

Racial Injustice in society today has also attacked and demolished the boundaries of respect and mutual understanding  in youth today. The use of social media has been both a balancing but also extremely dangerous pedal, that is pushed when opinions are needed to either be expressed or manipulated.Now the most common example of the blackening ropes of racial injustice are that of the African Americans. That have been physiologically and physically torture dof years And not just them, there are endless lists of races that have been misled and held accountable for the actions taken by others. Of the 185 people exonerated from death row since 1973, about 53% are Black, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. In statistical terms it fails to connect things, 53% is more than half, and from an objective point of view that is not a coincidence, nor does it match up with the abundance of hateful crimes committed by other races. And let us not forget the constant reporting of hate crimes and violence against the largely populous Asian community following the COVID-19 virus. Asian Participants of various polls said that they were shamed both publicly and privately due to their race To bring things to light the truth behind the foggy window needs to be cleaned, and people have to take responsibility for one the most serious problems surrounding today’s society.

As citizens of a sovereign and free nation, we should always do our utmost best to take into consideration the feelings,hardships,and griefs of others no matter what race or religion they come from. As we continue to live through an age where responsibilities are being ignored, and morals are being buried under the dirt of propaganda and brainwashing. Simple steps, that’s what is going to lead to gradual but steady change. If such cruel speech, and unjust actions  aren’t  pointed out and fixed, it will continue, and it will continue to pollute the rest of the population, spiraling into an even deeper hole of prejudices and hatred. If the correct education is implemented, the youth will continue to believe in a world that is “equal” but divided.