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Q1. My child’s birthday is approaching shortly. How does this influence the level that I pick?
The child’s age on October 10th (the registration deadline) is to be used to assign the criteria for levels.
Q2. Can I register my child for a higher level than the criteria listed on the website?
Yes. If you choose to register your child for a higher level than they qualify for then this is acceptable, but you understand that they will be competing with children who will be older than them.
Q3. Can I register my child for a lower level than the criteria listed on the website specified?
No. You may not enter for a lower level than the age limit specified for that level as this will put your child at an unfair advantage compared to other children in the level. If the date of birth is not consistent with the level selected, then the child will automatically be moved up to the appropriate level corresponding to their age.
Q4. Will I be notified if I am selected for Round 2?
Yes, the top 5 finalists will be notified at least 1 week prior to Round 2, so that they have sufficient time to prepare their second speech.
Q5. Can the same speech or topic be selected for round 2 as was used in round 1?
No. Finalists must select a different topic for round 2.
Q6. Will I be notified before the Finals and awards ceremony if I came between places 6 and 10?
No. Competitors achieving positions 6 to 10 will be notified only at the Finals and Awards ceremony on November 14th.
Q7. Is this a physical event or a remote event?
Due to the COVID-19 situation, this is a virtual event. Participants will compete in round 1 by providing a video file. Finalists in round 2 will compete live using a remote platform.
Q8. Are the scoring criteria identical for round 1 and round 2?
Yes, except for one additional criterion in round 2, which will evaluate the competitor’s response to a single question asked by one of the judges. Scoring criteria are detailed on the website.
Q9. How long should each speech be?
Each speech should target a maximum of 4 minutes. Speech files in round 1 that are over 4 minutes and 30 seconds will automatically receive a zero score. In round 2, the part of the speech extending beyond 4 minutes and 30 seconds will be ignored when scored by the judges. Please respect these timings precisely.
Q10. How do I upload my speech file in round 1? 
Instructions can be found on the”upload video” page.
Q11. Should files for round 1 be audio files or visuals?
Files should be visual. As noted in the scoring criteria, judges will be scoring on visual gestures, for example.
Q12. Can I pick a different topic to the ones listed on your website?
No, you must pick only from the titles listed on the website. An objective of the speech competition is for participants to research and develop Islamic concepts and the titles have been selected with this in mind.
Q13. Is it permitted to read my speech from a script?
In principle, it is allowed to read your speech from a written script. However, this will negatively impact your score under the scoring category “presentation, delivery and voice”. For more information please see the scoring criteria.
Q.14. I see that there are two levels, but it was previously announced that there would be three. What happened to level 3 (age 19-22)?
We received a small level of interest from the 19-22 age group and therefore decided to remove level 3 from the current event. We are exploring alternative options to produce a more meaningful event that resonates with the 19+ age group and will provide details when available, inshaAllah.