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Note: For the online speech competition, keep the evaluation criteria in your mind. Judges evaluate each performer individually based on total speech. Best of Luck!

Speech Construction (20 pts) • Introduction, the body of speech, conclusion
• Organization of the speech
• Development of main points
Presentation, Delivery, and Voice (20 pts) Natural delivery of speech without reading
• Facial and body gestures
• Use of eye-contact
• Relaxed stance
• Use of pause to allow the audience to absorb the message
• Variety of pace (tempo)
• Modulation and volume of voice in the delivery of the speech
• Articulation
Content of Speech and its relevance to selected title/question (20%) • The message of the speech
• Relevancy, meaningfulness, clarity, and conciseness (not lengthy)
Language (20 pts) • The use of grammar, punctuation, and word selection (diction)
Relevance to Islamic concepts and values (20 pts) • Thoughtfulness and approach for articulating Islamic concepts
Answer to Question for Round 2 (20 pts) •Clarity and thoughtfulness of response
Scoring Points for Each Criteria Fair = 1 – 5
 Good = 6 – 10
• Very Good = 11 – 15
• Excellent = 16 – 20