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Note: For the online speech competition, please choose one of the topics listed below for round
1. If you are selected for Round 2, you must choose a different topic compared to what you submitted in round 1.
Best of Luck!

1. Inspiration from Prophet Muhammad SAW for the COVID-19 pandemic.
2. How was Bilal (RA) treated – Lessons for dealing with Racism in 21st century America.
3. Surah Asr – Lessons for time management during lock-down.
4. How to seek Allah’s protection?
5. How can I be proactive at eliminating racism?
6. Peer pressure and how to balance being “cool” in front of my friends and responsible in front of
7. Should I broadcast my Muslim identity or keep my religiosity private?
8. My relationship with the Quran.
9. My parents, my opportunity.
11. Serving others and the road to Jannah.
12. What should Muslims do to stand for social, economic, and political equality in the USA?
13. What should Muslims expect from the next President of the USA?
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